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Shallow Well Pumping Solutions

Oil Pumping Solutions for Shallow & Stripper Wells

A new cost effective approach to solving your oil pumping challenges.

Offering you an electrically powered down-hole (PCP) progressive cavity pump as a better solution to solve your oil pumping challenges.

High efficiency, intelligent pump systems bring a new but proven approach to the market. Our pumps remove many of the service challenges of traditional pump jacks and so significantly reducing your operating costs on marginally producing wells.

The high efficiency system gives you power choices, allowing you to run from the grid or solar power so opening up locations that were previously not economical.

Production Costs With low and volatile oil prices, keeping control of operating costs has never been more important, Servicing of equipment and general operating costs can turn slim profits into losses very quickly.

Infrastructure Independence The cost of installing and maintaining grid power or running diesel generators can make existing wells or new leases unattractive for production. Pumping oil without infrastructure or operating cost is a real differentiator.

Being in Control Knowing what your pumps are doing, monitoring production volumes, seeing tank and well levels all help to manage costs. if you can do this without visiting site you are really in control.



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